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By Our Clients

"I have found Tricia to be superbly dedicated to her work, with an excellent knowledge base of not just recruiting, but of the working of her business meaning she is able to assist with almost any query and problem that arises."

Tom, Strategy and Forecasting Manager 

"Tricia has on many occasions recommended efficiencies within our purchase to pay process that was extremely beneficial to our business thus ensuring our business is performing as well as possible and saving money through new processes."

Michael, Purchase Ledger Technical Team Manager 

"Halecroft has provided an excellent service after their company was brought in to provide Contractual and Payment Services after the initial contract recruitment phase. Halecroft sorted out any contractual issues swiftly and efficiently. Most of all, the team were easy to talk to and always willing to help fix any problems or issues."

John, Business Analyst

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By Our Candidates

"Halecroft/ Tricia and her team are very tuned in to understanding the exact requirements of individual roles. They were able to delve a lot deeper than the average recruiter in a simple, professional manner to clearly understand my skill set and also help me firmly understand their unique recruitment process. Within a very small amount of time they have achieved outstanding results for myself.

I would like to personally recommend Halecroft/ Tricia to professional candidates looking for opportunities or professional organisations looking to recruit the right candidates for available opportunities."


"Tricia called me on a Saturday, submitted my CV on the Monday, got me an interview on Tuesday and I got the job Wednesday!!!

That’s what you call results!!

Over the last couple of months, I’ve had calls from numerous agencies promising to find me a job. These include some of the biggest names in the industry. 

Halecroft recruitment has proved to deliver.

I highly recommend Tricia and her team and will most definitely spread the word about her excellent service."


"It's not often I comment on individuals or services, but I got to give credit where credit is due.  Tricia the service you provide is standardly professional  however that's where similarities with other recruitment firms cease.

As an individual who always delivers to the best of my abilities it's always refreshing receiving that service back and not just in words but actually by your actions and compassion really wanting to know what makes me tick.  Spending time with me to understand my actual  abilities and not just what's put down in a CV which we know in many circumstances is not always 100% accurate since it's all about marketing your own brand.  

I thank you for taking that time, effort and patience to guide and find me an amazing opportunity in my career and would recommend any other professional contacting you and your time for guidance in their future careers.

Tricia as an individual is extremely experienced and down to earth person who actually listens to what you say and what you would like, that skill Tricia is priceless and sets you head and shoulders above your competitors.

Thank you, Tricia."


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