Halecroft Recruitment provides a Permanent Recruitment service based on trust, honesty, and in-depth understanding. We offer certainty of delivery with Permanent Recruitment, which is delivered with efficiency, high quality, and when required, speed thus saving our clients valuable time.

Halecroft will guarantee that during our selection processes, we will meet all potential candidates face-to-face or via video linkup, conduct a thorough competency-based interview, and, if required assess competencies through tailored testing.

Halecroft will guarantee to offer the following for all Permanent Recruitment: -

  • A dedicated team of industry-experienced recruitment professionals
  • An account director from our senior team
  • The offer to visit your company, we believe it is important to understand your business, the way it operates, and the culture
  • Job advertising on this website, specialist job boards, and industry publications
  • Reference and qualification verification
  • Role profiling
  • Pre-interview screening
  • Tailored competency-based testing
  • Free replacement or sliding scale refund guarantee on the rare occasion where a permanent placement does not work out *
  • Competitive fees for exclusivity or multiple jobs

* Subject to our Terms of Business