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Master Vendor Solution

Halecroft Recruitment has the infrastructure in place to support contracts as a Preferred Supplier or as a Managed Agency through our Master Vendor Solution.

Halecroft’s Master Vendor is a web-based application, accessed via a standard web browser on a desktop that is hosted off site by our IT recruitment software partner, who has a fully compliant disaster recovery plan ensuring accessibility 365 days a year.

Halecroft Master Vendor Solution allows us to manage all aspects of the recruitment process with our clients. You will have your own web-based interface through which you can submit vacancies, view shortlists, provide feedback, request interviews and have a personalised window on the recruitment process with full management reporting. For the supply of interim and contract professionals, you can view current and historical bookings, view and approve timesheets and monitor contract spend against budget.

Halecrofts Master Vendor Solution allows interim and contract professionals to enter time in a user-friendly environment that requires virtually no training, also prompting the line manager to approve timesheets.

Halecroft Recruitment's Master Vendor Solution provides online interface for tiered agencies. Through the personalised interface, the tiered agencies can view vacancies, submit candidate details, track their progress and monitor their performance through comprehensive management reporting. Halecroft are able to manage tiered agencies by function, tier and control of vacancies on a scheduled basis and specify the number of candidates supplied and the timeframe.

The benefits to the client of a Master Vendor relationship include:

  • Direct and indirect cost reduction;
  • Process efficiencies;
  • Time efficiencies;
  • Reduced business risk;
  • Quality and consistency of service;
  • Speed of hire;
  • Detailed reporting
  • Interrogation of management information.