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Corporate Social Responsibility and Smart Works Donations

Corporate Social Responsibility and Smart Works Donations

With all the stress involved in running your own business, it can be easy to forget just how privileged we are as entrepreneurs. Which is why at Halecroft Recruitment we believe that corporate social responsibility is something that all businesses should consider.

CSR is a very broad subject, but the simplest way to look at it is as the idea that all businesses should ensure that they trade in an ethical manner. This can take many forms depending on the type of company and the industry that they are in. For example, an energy provider guaranteeing that a minimum percentage of their energy comes from renewable sources would be exercising their CSR.

When it comes to an industry like recruitment, which doesn’t have an environmental or legal impact, it can be difficult to plan a way to put CSR into action. Therefore, we at Halecroft Recruitment like to take on charity work whenever we can.

Tricia Bullman, Managing Director of Halecroft Recruitment, likes to help causes that are close to her heart, such as providing other women in business with the same opportunities that she has had. This is why we partner up with the amazing local charity Smart Works.

Smart Works is an amazing charity that is run by recruitment and fashion experts to help women in need land jobs. They do this by inviting these women to a session at one of their centres in Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Reading or Birmingham. During the session, they are supplied with a high-quality interview outfit that is catered to their tastes and industry, before being given professional interview coaching by a HR, recruitment or coaching expert.

We fully believe in the mission of Smart Works, which is why we are hosting a week of clothing submission for them from the 23rd-27th of July at our office at 28 Victoria Road in Hale. If you have any interview worthy female clothing that you would like to donate to the cause, please bring them along and we will take them to the Smart Works Manchester office!