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Halecroft Recruitment Adds a New Member to the Team.

Halecroft Recruitment Adds a New Member to the Team.

Halecroft Recruitment, based in the small Cheshire village it takes its name from, are pleased to announce that they have added a new member to the team, in the form of Marketing Executive Ben Hughes.

Ben comes from an audio engineering background and made his first steps in marketing by getting involved with the social media and blog writing for various recording studios. From here he went on to work at an SEO agency in Manchester City Centre, performing work for a variety of local and national clients. It is hoped that Ben can use this eclectic mix of experience to identify and implement a range of new strategies to take Halecroft to the next level.

Ben has already hit the ground running, after taking over from the talented Beth Owen he has been busy reworking her visual based processes to fit in with his more verbal style. This has included strategies such as simplifying the long-running Halecroft visual media and putting more emphasis on the importance of an SEO style, keyword-based approach to copy.

MD Tricia Bullman hopes that Ben can take on a more traditional approach to marketing by attending a range of networking events and working with more ‘analogue’ forms of media. It is hoped that this will help Halecroft to stand out in today’s increasingly digital world.

Despite settling in rather quickly, the change of clientele at Halecroft has taken some getting used to for Ben. In his own words: “The thing that has taken the most getting used to for me is the change of tone within the business. I’m used to working with musicians, who aren’t exactly known for their professionalism, so it has been a noticeable change to start working in executive recruitment. That is the thing that I find the most interesting about marketing though. The same principles can be used across vastly different industries with little more than a few surface-level adjustments to the presentation and they’re just as effective.”

Ben’s spare time still mostly revolves around music. Whether it is playing, recording or just listening, Ben can usually be found doing something melodic when he gets a spare few minutes to himself.