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Professional Writing to Social Dialect

Professional Writing to Social Dialect

More and more often we see text language slipping into what should be professional writing. Your emails, CV, job application and business profile pages should all be well written with correct spelling and grammar.

You want the person you are contacting to understand how professional you can be otherwise they won’t want to waste their time with you.

Ideally, everyone wants to showcase their personality and try and make it shine through the paper to stand out, but you can go too far. You want to make sure you can stand out in a good way.

A lot of text slang is creeping up throughout applications which really doesn’t look very good. If you’re not sure if your approach is acceptable ask for advice, but it is as simple as cut out the slang and stick to the formal approach.

It is much better to aim higher than lower, professional than informal and common.

You want to demonstrate how sharp you are and poor word choices and typos just look sloppy which will not make you stand out in the way you want to. You will look lazy and the complete opposite of a business professional.

Have you noticed social dialect and text speak occurring throughout the emails and CV’s you have received or even on LinkedIn when you’re browsing ‘Business Professionals’ profiles? Give us your opinion on the situation. Do you think it’s acceptable?

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