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A good Headhunter can open up many opportunities

A Good Headhunter Can Open Many Opportunities

The relationship between an ambitious Senior Manager and a positive Recruitment Agency which is supportive of career ambition and advancement can provide a win-win situation for the recruiter and candidate whilst simultaneously being a mutually supportive relationship that can span a whole career!

A positive Recruitment Agency will take the time to not only understand the candidate’s current skill set but to highlight further skills present that the candidate may not have been aware of up to that point. This will give encouragement and support the candidate to stretch beyond their acquired skill base where appropriate and relevant. A professional recruiter will also be looking for the candidate’s working culture preferences and ensuring that these meet the employer’s requirements in this area. The right cultural fit is important at all levels but particularly so at senior leadership and Board level where key decisions need to be made which will have a far-reaching impact on the whole business.

A candidate who has struck up a good relationship with a recruitment agency of such caliber and one who has taken an active interest in their personal ambitions and aims will be more inclined to use the same agency to fill opportunities professionally that might appear in the future either in their team or as a recommendation to a peer. They will also be positive about assisting the Recruitment Agency when researching candidates for roles that they have executed or managed in the past as they see the relationship between recruiter and candidate as a healthy, two-way relationship, and one which is long-term.

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