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Career Makeover

Lockdown Career Makeover

Lockdown; do something transformational in these precious weeks and months and reap the benefits for years to come.

For many the lockdown period has been time to reflect on what is really important and reset our goals; A time to decide what we want to achieve and what position we want to be in when the lockdown is over!

From learning a language to organising your wardrobe, updating your CV to writing a blog, there are plenty of productive things you can take up to pass the time - why not start right now? 

Before lockdown, the idea of updating your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile might not have been very high up on your priority list. Rather than putting it off any longer, why not give all your professional documents and accounts a total makeover? Use this present period to work towards an even brighter future.

You will spend a lot of time at home in the coming days through lockdown and extended Work-From-Home (WFH), use your time wisely to benefit yourself and those people around you.

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HR & Recruitment Support Booklets:

  • A guide to creating your CV
  • Dealing with Transition
  • Making an Application
  • Personal Brand and Social Media
  • The Job Search
  • The Selection Process