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The Benefits of an Internship

The Benefits of an Internship

Hi I’m Aimee and I would like to share the benefits and experience I am gaining whilst working as an intern. My role of Recruitment Administrator comprises of working on all office administration but also supporting the team with marketing and resourcing. Applying for the internship was a vital part in my learning curve due to the competitive nature of the role and therefore, needed to ensure I had my CV up-to-date, tailored to the job role, highlighting my strengths and what I could offer to the business in order for my application to be successful.

As I am currently a student at Edge Hill University, studying Business and Management with the intent to pursue a career in Digital Marketing and Social Media, working at Halecroft Recruitment is the perfect opportunity to incorporate certain aspects of my academic studies into a working business environment. This is an excellent benefit because the skills I have learnt so far throughout my time at university, can be applied when working on creative and financial tasks. By demonstrating skills such as working effectively within the team, having a professional attitude towards excellent customer service and time management has allowed me to grow in confidence. Working at Halecroft gives me a chance to showcase my skills but also learn and develop new ones in a fast paced environment. Therefore, allowing me the opportunity to understand how a business is run and how the recruitment industry operates. 

I thoroughly enjoy working at Halecroft because I am able to be myself, work independently and show that I am a highly motivated individual who is eager to make an effective contribution and help Halecroft succeed and grow even further. The professionalism and success of the company was something that attracted me to apply. Also the way they develop you as an employee for example, meeting clients, interacting with them via phone or email on a daily basis and giving me opportunity to attend Marketing courses. Tricia, the MD is an extremely understanding boss and Lydia my colleague is a pleasure to work with. Halecroft has made me feel very welcome and has a pleasant working environment with an office buddy Toby, who makes my day even more enjoyable!   

Halecroft Recruitment is a business that prides itself in helping others succeed and working collectively as a team that I am proud to be a part of.

We have created a CV and Social Media booklet for students who are looking for advice in these areas when applying for a job. If anyone would like a copy of these I will leave my email below and can send you the link.  For the CV and Social Media booklets my email is:


• Always keep your CV up-to-date and tailored to the role 

• Apply for roles that may be out of your comfort zone (challenge yourself!)

• Consider temporary summer work 

• Register with agencies