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TEAM Member

TEAM Member

TEAM is the largest independent networked group of recruitment and employment businesses in the UK. Some of the best talents in the industry are Members of a national network providing solutions to all your staffing needs.

With TEAM your business gains all the advantages synonymous with a local agency whilst also benefitting from a substantial support network. By linking their services together, TEAM Members provide a comprehensive range of services from town to town and city to city. We also have connections with over 700 recruitment businesses around the world via our partnership with NPAworldwide

How you Benefit

Our Members are good at their business and believe they can help you make your business better. If you are a local company, so are they. Through our expanding network, your vacancies will be exposed to one of the largest candidate databases available, providing you with the widest choice possible. Whether you are a local SME or a larger concern with multiple, national or international locations then, together with the TEAM network, we can assist in providing any number of personnel, temporary, contract or permanent – to suit any vacancy – anywhere.

Quality Assured

TEAM Members are selected on a number of criteria, not least of which is their commitment to professionalism and a strong desire to fulfil client requirements. Most businesses within the TEAM network are owner-led and will go that extra mile to ensure their service is of the highest quality. In many instances, TEAM Members are one of, if not THE most dominant force in their local market or area of specialism. As a result, we believe TEAM combines some of the best independent recruitment and employment businesses available.

In-Depth Knowledge

Apart from the experience and professionalism of our individual Members, they are supported and have access to a wide range of recruitment service providers. Employment law can often be complex and is ever-changing and in conjunction with the TEAM network, our Members can provide a response to every challenge.

Best of all worlds

TEAM is a unique association of recruitment and employment businesses with extensive Member coverage. TEAM was formed to give you our Client’s the best of all worlds - local service and knowledge plus a national coverage.


Halecroft Recruitment has been a member of TEAM for several years,

working together to provide our client's with 100% fulfillment


Your business may be global .......... but knowledge is local