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5 Results You Can Expect From Career Coaching

5 Results You Can Expect From Career Coaching

5 Results You Can Expect From Career Coaching

Taking the plunge with a career coach can be a big decision. Do you need one? What can a career coach or job support programme offer that you don’t already know or can find out from a recruitment consultant?

With the challenges recent times are throwing at us, we need career coaching and employment guidance more than ever. The job market is tough. At the risk of being all doom and gloom, the unemployment rate is high, and redundancies are becoming more common as businesses struggle with the pandemic and its fallout.

Add to this an apathy amongst workers and a quest for more meaningful careers, and we’ve got a melting pot of decisions to make. So where do you start, and how does a career coach actually help?

If you’re not happy in your current role, you’ve lost your job for whatever reason, or you’re just starting out in your career then trust us, you will benefit from some objective support and challenge.

What does career coaching involve?

Before we dive into the results you can expect from career coaching; it’s worth outlining what the process actually involves. What does it mean to work with a career coach? Well, it can vary from coach to coach, but typically the sessions involve mentoring and one-to-one support. These are usually carried out virtually via video calls and with supporting online tools.

Your career coach guides you, but much of the effort and insight comes from you. It’s all there whether you realise or not, a talented coach just helps you unlock that potential and helps spark an exciting new career path.

The results of career coaching

With the right career coach and input from you, there is no question about the value. You will make progress, take decisions and move forward in your career with a newly discovered clarity and purpose. We’ve summarised the top 5 results you’ll see and feel after working through a career coaching programme.

1.A better understanding of yourself

Your self-awareness will sky-rocket. As busy people, we rarely take the time to sit down and understand our motivators, our values, our passions in life, what we’re good at and where we thrive. This is the first step of career coaching and builds the foundations of where you will focus your energy in terms of a job search or a career plan.

You might be starting out in your career, going through redundancy or looking for a change of direction – whatever your situation the coaching is tailored, and this first step is crucial.

2.Increased confidence

As you go through a career coaching programme, you might find yourself asking some tough questions or picking at topics you’d rather leave alone. Facing these sticking points in a safe space with an impartial mentor helps you move past them. It might be bullying you’ve experienced at work, a difficult redundancy, or a change in personal circumstances which has impacted your career. Whatever your situation, you will move beyond it, your anxieties around your career will drop, and you will walk taller knowing with confidence where you are going in life.

3.Practical job search skills

A crucial part of career coaching is making sure you are up to speed with all the latest job search techniques, CV tips, interview hints and tools. You’ll learn how to present yourself both in person and on paper in the best way. The coaching allows you time to focus on tailoring your CV and job search to roles that fit your goals. This step isn’t just reserved for new job seekers. Even experienced executives can become out of touch if they haven’t been in a recruitment process for some time.

4.Finding the right job (not just any job)

The aim when walking away from a career coaching programme is usually to find a new job. When we’re under pressure to find a new role though, the risk is we take any job – one the fits our skill sets and is in the right location but it’s still ‘any job’. If it doesn’t fit with those values and motivators you’ve explored, chances are the job won’t be right for you. You may find yourself back to square one pretty soon afterwards.

Career coaching is about finding a job you are passionate about, a role where you can flourish whilst making a sustainable living. It’s about finding the right job, not just any job.

5.Lifelong skills

The skills and knowledge you’ll pick up during a career coaching programme ripple out into your personal life. How can they not when you are a whole person? We often try and separate our work selves from our personal selves. Getting these aspects aligned is where the fun starts. You get to bring your whole self to work, no putting on a front or ‘work-mask’ – just meaningful work that you thrive doing.

The skills around job searches, knowing how best to present yourself, understanding your motivators and values are useful far beyond your career.

It all sounds impressive, doesn’t it? There’s no question that working with a career coach is exciting; it’s also challenging and not always easy – you might find yourself unpacking some difficult questions. But it is incredibly fulfilling, it’s practical, and you might just find yourself in a job you love! Find out more here: