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The Interview Selection Process

The Interview Selection Process

If you are successful with your application, you will move forward into the selection process.  Exactly what the selection process looks like will vary with each role you apply for.  For example, there may be only one stage consisting of an interview with the functional head.  Yet for a similar role with another company, you may have a telephone interview with an agency, a first stage with a CV-based interview with the Hiring Manager, followed by a second stage later consisting of a presentation and competency-based interview with HR and a Director.  Another company may choose to run an assessment centre to select the right person for the role.

This is the goal of the selection process for an organisation to get the right person to fill a vacancy in their company.  It is your goal to make sure they think you are the right person for the role.  To succeed in your goal, you will need to prepare yourself for each selection process you enter.

There are some common selection methods used by recruiters to help them make the best decision about which applicant is most suitable.  They are:

  • CV based interviews
  • Behavioural or Competency based interviews
  • Technical interview
  • Presentation
  • Problem-solving exercises
  • Practical activities
  • Psychometric testing and personality profiling
  • Assessment Centre

If you would like to know further detail about the above selection methods email for a copy of Halecroft’s Recruitment Guide:  The Interview Selection Process.

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