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How to Calm your Second Interview Jitters

How to Calm your Second Interview Jitters

It’s natural to feel a bit of anxiety ahead of a second interview. After all, you’ve already made it past the first interview and you’re that much closer to getting the job. Here are a few tips to help you stay calm and focused during your second interview:

1. Prepare in advance – Make sure you’ve done your research on the company, the role, and the interviewer. This will enable you to show off your knowledge and answer questions with confidence.

2. Relax your body – Before the interview, take a few moments to do a few deep breathing exercises to relax your body. This will help to reduce your stress and calm your mind.

3. Visualise success – Spend a few moments visualising yourself excelling in the interview. Picture yourself answering questions confidently and leaving the room feeling proud and satisfied.

4. Be yourself – It’s important to be your true self during the interview. Don’t try to fit into a mould of what you think the interviewer wants to hear.

By taking a few moments to be prepared and relaxed, you’ll be able to give your second interview your best shot. Good luck!

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